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cRewards Card

  • cRewards is a rewards program where participants can earn points for every single qualifying purchase made
  • To use the cRewards program, customers just need to shop with their rewards card and make normal purchases
  • Customers do not earn cRewards on cash advances or balance transfers

cRewards points are not available for purchase for general merchandise redemption, but points can be purchased for customers wanting to redeem travel rewards. If a customer wants a specific item that they do not have enough points for, they’ll need to wait until they have earned those points. Customers will earn points towards their cRewards account as long as their account is in good standing, meaning it’s not closes, suspended, or delinquent.¬†Customers can check their cRewards total at any time by visiting the web site and logging in to their account, or by calling the cRewards phone number. Points are added to the customer’s cRewards account within 5 business days of a purchase being made.

cRewards Card Notes

  • The easiest way to redeem cRewards points is to visit their website, crewardscard.com, or call 866-544-0406
  • cRewards points can also be redeemed by mail if a customer prints off a form from the cRewards web site and mailing it in
  • Travel rewards like hotels, flights, and car rentals, can only be redeemed by calling the cRewards call center or by visiting the web site.

Items redeemed from cRewards are subject to standard manufacturer warranties. Customers should save their packing slip to serve as their proof of purchase. A glimpse at the cRewards catalog shows items like bluetooth speakers, stereo headphones, shower radios, children’s DVDs and more.

For travel rewards redeemed, there is a booking fee, but this is usually included in the points total, so customers don’t have to pay anything in the end.

To contact cRewards:

  • Award Headquarters, P.O. Box 31504, Tampa, FL 33631-3504
  • 1-866-544-0406

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