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Cred Control

  • Medical institutions in Virginia have used the Credit Control Company to help collect on past due debts since the 1950s
  • Customers who want to make a payment on a debt that’s being handled by Credit Control Company will need to make sure they have their EDP number
  • Credit Control Company charges medical offices some of the lowest interest rates on debts, and has one of the highest rates of recovery, making them one of the most popular medical debt recovery services in Virginia

Payments for a Cred Control Company debt can be made online with any major credit or debit card, and will be applied instantly. If a customer is receiving calls from Credit Control Company or they received a mailer with information about a late payment, making a payment online is the fastest way to make the account current. If a customer doesn’t know their account information, they can look it up with an EDP number. If a customer doesn’t have their EDP, they will need to contact a representative of CCC to make a payment over the phone.

Credit Control Corporation

  • Has a history that dates back to 1953, giving them over 50 years of experience in the debt collection field
  • A member of ACA International since 1973, ensuring that their debt collection specialists are some of the most trusted and reliable
  • Every one of Credit Control Corporation’s employees is an ACA Professional Credit Collection Specialist

Credit Control Corporation is a financial company that specializes in recovering debts owed to medical institutions in Virginia. Over 500 medical facilities work with CCC, primarily because they have very low fees with a high rate of debt recovery, plus a network of licensed, bonded, and insured collection professionals. CCC also offers their clients secure online access 24 hours a day.

To contact a representative of Credit Control Corporation:

  •  757-873-3332
  • info@credcontrol.com

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