www.circlek.com/rewards – Save $.20 Per Gallon Rewards Card

Circle K Rewards

  • Enroll, verify, or access a Circle K Rewards account online and start saving on costly gasoline purchases today
  • This rewards program is a must for anyone who visits Circle K on a regular basis to purchase pricey fuel
  • As a bonus Circle K now allows a member to link their checking account and a selected PIN with their Circle K Rewards Card in order to save time and earn more rewards

To enroll in the popular Circle K Rewards program the customer must provide a valid drivers license, have a checking account in good standing, a working email address, and their Circle K rewards payment card on hand (failure to have any of the previous mentioned items will result in the customer not being able to sign up for the Circle K Rewards program).  Members must be 18 years of age or older and will want to check to make sure they have a Circle K in their area before signing up.

Circle K Rewards Comments

  • This Rewards Card will function like an electronic check, similar to a debit card
  • This rewards program will not hurt or improve a customer’s credit rating
  • Each time a transaction is made using the Circle K Rewards card the member will receive a confirmation email
  • The card can be used at the pump (the customer does not have to go inside the gas station to claim credit)
  • Those without a bank account will not be able to sign up for the Circle K rewards program
  • Only one membership is allowed per person regardless of how much money they spend at Circle K

Please note the additional discount (up to $.20 per gallon) only applies for the first thirty days after the member initially enrolls in the program (contrary to popular belief it does not start after the card has been activate).

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