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Change My Coverage

  • Customers can use Change My Coverage to check prices for the health insurance that best fits their needs and compare to other Blue Cross Blue Shield plans
  • The Blue Cross Blue Shield tax credit subsidy estimator gives customers a good idea of a monthly cost for BCBS insurance depending on what level of coverage they  choose
  • Customers can make a profile on Change My Coverage  and be able save work and finish at a later time

The Change My Coverage web site is designed for people who need new health insurance to check the plans that are available to them through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and to see if their doctor accepts BCBS. If a customer’s choice of doctor does not take Blue Cross insurance, there is a BCBS doctor finder that lets them find the closest physician to where they are. The rates plans on BCBS Change My Coverage do depend on the applicant’s health condition, so if BCBS does not have recent health information on file from a customer, a checkup may be required before the latest rates will be shown. Customers will need to login to their Anthem account or use their Anthem account number to get started using Change My Coverage.

More About Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a group of almost 40 separate United States health insurance organizations and companies that provides health insurance to more than 106 million Americans. Blue Cross was founded in 1929. Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers offer some form of health insurance coverage in every single U.S. state and they act as administrators of Medicare in the majority of states and regions within the United States.

  • The BCBS association has its headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois, in the Michigan Plaza complex
  • To contact BCBS about changing health insurance coverage 1-855-662-4077

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