www.centurylink.com/autobillpay – Free Automatic Bill Pay Program

Century Link Free Automatic Bill Pay

  • CenturyLink customers now have access to a convenient AutoPay system
  • Customers can sign up for CenturyLink AutoPay online or over the phone
  • The Automatic Payment Program eliminates stress and even saves money by helping customers avoid late payment penalties

CenturyLink is offering customers access to its convenient Automatic Payment Program. After initial setup, you don’t have to think about your bill ever again! By signing up for AutoPay, customers just enter their payment information and CenturyLink takes care of the rest! The company automatically withdraws your payment from your bank account automatically each month. Even better – the program doesn’t cost a dime!

Important Information

  • Before AutoPay takes affect, customers must provide a confirmed payment method. Customers can pay with credit cards, debit cards, or an online check.
  • AutoPay goes into effect no later than two billing cycles after you enroll. This means you’ll have to make one more payment manually before your AutoPay becomes active.
  • By enrolling in AutoPay, you automatically give CenturyLink permission to deduct the total bill amount from your account each month.
  • You can change your payment method or date or even cancel AutoPay by logging into your CenturyLink customer account.
  • There are no fees to use AutoPay, but if your bank returns your payment for any reason, you’re liable for return payment fees, bank overdraft fees, and other related penalties.

Once AutoPay becomes active, you’re set! CenturyLink deducts the payment automatically, reducing stress, avoiding late fees, and ensuring your account is always in good standing.

How to Set Up AutoPay

  • Go to www.centurylink.com/home/autopay
  • Review the informational tabs
  • Click “Start Now”, and follow the prompts
  • Enter your payment information, finalize the AutoPay arrangement, and hit confirm

CenturyLink’s automatic bill payment is a convenient and painless option for customers who want manage their service bills as simply and effectively as possible. Check out more information at www.centurylink.com