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CCS Payment

  • To make a payment to an account with Credit Collection Services, customers first need to answer whether they were contacted about a debt through the mail or over the phone
  • Payments sent to Credit Collection Services can be made by check through the mail, or by credit card online
  • If customers who have been contacted by Credit Collection Services can’t make a payment all at once, they can set up a payment plan

 Customers can use the Credit Collection Services web site to view a payment schedule they have set up, and to see payments already made to Credit Collection Services. The Credit Collection Services web site is fully self service, meaning that customers who have been contacted about a debt can make a payment and have their debt completed without speaking to a CCS representative.

CCS Payment Comments

  • Remember that the CCS web site is an attempt to collect a debt, and any information obtained through this web site will be used in debt collection purposes
  • If CCS has contacted a customer through the mail, the customer will need to have the 11 digit file number that’s written on their mailer

How to send documents to Credit Collection Services

The easiest way for customers to send required forms to Credit Collection Services is to upload them via the CCS web site. Also, customers can send forms through fax, using the CCS web site to print a fax cover letter.

  • Documents sent to CCS online will be reviewed within 24 hours, while documents that are faxed to Credit Collection Services could take as long as 48 hours to process, so it’s recommended to send anything online

To contact Credit Collection Services:

  • 725 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062
  • 877.870.1000

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