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Carter-ReedĀ Settlement

  • A class action lawsuit has been filed against Carter-Reed Company, a manufacturer of diet supplements, that alleges they engaged in unfair and deceptive advertising techniques.
  • If you purchased a product from Carter-Reed between the dates of January 1, 2000 through November 10, 2014, you may be eligible for compensation from this suit.
  • For each product you can prove that you purchased, you may received up to $14.

In recent court documents, the Carter-Reed diet supplement company is being accused of misleading advertising. They are being accused of advertising claims that could not be substantiated. As a result, a class action lawsuit has been initiated. If you purchased a Carter-Reed diet supplement product between January 1, 2000 and Nov. 10, 2014, you may be eligible for up to $14 for every bottle of product that you purchased.

You do not need to obtain your own legal representation as a part of this suit, and you do not need to pay for any representation. The payment for the lawyers in this case will be procured from the total settlement amount. After legal council is paid, the remaining amount will be distributed among participants.

You may excuse yourself from this settlement, which means that you will not receive any sort of financial compensation as a result of the hearing. This means though, that you will retain your right to sue as an individual in this case.

  • To obtain a cash payment in this case with Carter-Reed, a valid claim form must be submitted
  • A hearing in this case will happen in April of 2015. At that point, a judge will determine if the final settlement amount is appropriate. If the amount is approved, checks will be distributed in the weeks after that approval.

The claims administrators for this lawsuit can be contacted at:

  • 1-800-254-5142
  • 2 Westchester Park Dr #410, White Plains, NY 10604