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  • The all new Shadazzle Cleaner is a powerful, effective, and safe cleaning solution that you can use anywhere in your home
  • Shadazzle is a clay-based product, meaning it’s an all-natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning alternative free of harmful solvents and chemicals
  • The maker of Shadazzle is now offering new customers an exclusive introductory offer

Don’t miss your chance to save big on the most effective non-toxic, all-natural cleaner currently on the market! Shadazzle is an environmentally-friendly household cleaner that’s free of harmful chemicals like solvents and phospates. Take advantage of the manufacturer’s special buy one, get one free offer today!

Important Information

  • Shadazzle is a multipurpose cleaning and polishing agent that you can use on glass, metal, tile, marble, and granite, making it ideal for any room in your house
  • Each container of Shadazzle typically costs $9.95, but with the company’s special offer you’ll get two cans of Shadazzle and four special cleaning pads for less than $10
  • Before placing your order, be aware that the company charges $15.90 for shipping and handling, as well as applicable taxes

Shadazzle is a versatile household cleaner. In addition to safely cleaning hard floors and surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom, Shadazzle is an effective polisher for chrome, silver, brass, and copper.

How to Get Shadazzle

  • Scroll down to “Billing Details”
  • Enter your name, address, email address, and payment details
  • Once you’ve double-checked everything for accuracy, click “submit order”

This is a fantastic offer for one of the safest and most effective household cleaning agents available. Shadazzle’s natural, clay-based formula ensures great results without having to worry about harmful additives and chemicals. With a safe, environmentally sustainable formula, diverse uses, and an affordable price, Shadazzle is definitely one of the best cleaning options you can buy. This is a limited time offer, so place your order today!