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Bank Of America TCPA Lawsuit

  • This class action lawsuit alleges that Bank of America violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by using a prerecorded voice to contact customer on their cell phones.
  • If you received an automated call from Bank of America between the dates of August 30, 2007 and January 31, 2013, you may be eligible for compensation.
  • It is estimated that each claimant in this case will receive between the amounts of $20 and $40.

In recent count filings, Bank of America was accused of using illegal dialing practices to contact their customers. It it alleged that they used an automated dialing system to contact customers on their cell phone numbers. These customers had not consented to this contact. If these allegations are true, it means that Bank of America violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and that they are responsible for compensating the customers they illegally contacted.

Distribution of settlement benefits will occur in June of 2015. At this point, a check will be mailed to all eligible claimants. Each claiming is eligible to file for one mortgage call, one call regarding a credit card, or one of each.

  • To receive payment from Bank of America, you must file a claim form. If you do not file a claim, you will legally be designated as having consented to the calls.
  • You may file an exception, stating that you do not wish to be a part of the class action suit, but that you still did not consent to the calls. By doing this, you do still keep the right to file a lawsuit against Bank of America as an individual on your own behalf.
  • You do not need to pay anything for your lawyers in this case. The lawyers are only paid if the settlement amount is approved. If approved, their payment will come from the total settlement funds.

The claims administrator for the Bank of America TCPA lawsuit can be contacted two ways:

  • By phone at 1-877-919-9186
  • By mail at Bank of America TCPA Settlement Claims Administrator, PO Box 3410 Portland, OR 97208-3410