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Bio Applicant NJ Forms

  • To change a New Jersey fingerprint appointment, applicants will just need their Applicant ID number, their name, and their date of birth
  • Applicants that want to schedule a new NJ IdentoGO appointment will need to make sure they have a form from their employer stating that fingerprinting is necessary for their specific position
  • The entire New Jersey biofingerprint appointment should take no more than 10 minutes

People applying for certain jobs in the state of New Jersey will have to complete a bio-fingerprint application to ensure the maximum level of security. To set up a new appointment to be fingerprinted in New Jersey, applicants will need to have the “Universal Fingerprint Form” from their employer showing that a fingerprint is required. The applicant’s employer will also need to fill out the top portion of the form. In most instances, an appointment is available to be scheduled within 10 days.

Bio Applicant NJ Forms Comments

  • Once the form is filled out with the applicant’s name, weight and height, age, and address, they will need to pay for their appointment online with a credit/debit card or e-check
  • When the paperwork is complete and payment made, an appointment can be scheduled
  • It does not appear that a fee is charge for using the Bio Applicant service online

Applicants having a New Jersey bio fingerprint processed will need to make sure they bring proper identification to their appointment. In most cases, this is a stats issued drivers license. Most military identifications and foreign passports do not meet the specific requirements and cannot be used.

Where are New Jersey IdentoGO offices located?

There are several locations for people in New Jersey to have a bio-fingerprint appointment processed, including offices at Colwick Business Center, Cranford Square Shopping Center, Central Square Shopping Centre, Woodbine Developmental Center Administration Bldg, Lakeside Professional Campus, Annandale Square-Corbit Building, and Ancora Psychiatric Hospital. To contact a representative about a New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form please call 1-877-503-5981.

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