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Best Buy Trade In

  • Allows a customer to trade in an old product for a Best Buy gift card
  • Trade ins are allowed in store or by mail
  • For a limited time customers can receive a $150 GIFT CARD when trading in any working iPad

The Best Buy Trade In program requires the customer to be 18 years of age or older (19 in the states of Alabama or Nebraska) and is NOT available at ALL Best Buy stores.  Customers should check the Best Buy trade in value of the item as Best Buy is constantly evaluating categories and updating the amount associated with any given trade in based upon sales.  The main three things that will affect the value of the trade in are the age of the device, condition of the device, how much the product is being sold for currently at Best Buy locations, and accessories that are included with the trade in.

Best Buy Trade In Comments

  • The trade in will be evaluated by a Best Buy employee who has been trained for this program
  • The items will be given one of five grades (good, fair, broken, recycle, or not accepted)
  • If the device/product does not turn on and function as a user would normally expect don’t even bother trying to trade it in

Common reasons why a product is not allowed (not accepted) into the Best Buy trade in program include: water damage or damage from other fluids, does not turn on, has been recalled or withdrawn from sale, the product is still linked to an active account, the factory seal has been broken, or the product is missing parts.  Those products that are deemed “recyclable” are not eligible for a monetary payment but may be sent to a Best Buy recycling partner.

Some of the more popular items associated with the Best Buy Trade In program include:

  • iPhone
  • Apple Notebooks (versions 2013 or greater)
  • Gaming hardware (i.e. graphics cards, games)
  • Samsung smart phones
  • Tablets
  • iPad

When trading in a product please bring everything that came with the original purchase to include items like the operations manual, remote controls, power supplies, and even the original packaging if available.  The customer should be sure to remove all their personal data from the device/product before attempting to trade it in.

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