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BC Complete

  • Customers who have a retirement account with John Hancock can use this web page to see the balance of their retirement account, make changes to how their John Hancock retirement account is invested, and other important features
  • John Hancock is one of the most popular retirement companies in the nation, with 44,000 different plans available and nearly 2 million participants
  • The John Hancock company was number 1 in 2010 for retirement plan income, and they also offer 403(b), 457(b), and IRA investment account in addition to the usual 401(k)

To log in to the John Hancock retirement “BComplete” web page, users will need to use their Social Security number as their User ID (for the first time they log in). After logging in with their SSN, customers will be asked to create a new ID. The default password for John Hancock’s “My Life Now” retirement web site is the user’s date of birth.

BC Complete Register Comments

  • Internet access is required in order to register
  • Should take less than 2 minutes to complete
  • A valid email address is required

Important Info About John Hancock Financial

  • In 2003, Manulife Financial Corp.  purchased John Hancock Financial services for over $10 billion
  • Known for a market measuring tool called the “John Hancock Sentiment Index” which polls investors to get a feel for satisfaction of overall investment choices, progress towards life goals and feelings on the USA’s economic outlook.

John Hancock Financial first started in 1862, and has their current headquarters at 601 Congress Street Boston, Massachusetts. The company is named for the famous patriot John Hancock, and uses his famous signature for their logo. Today, John Hancock Financial primarily provides life insurance, mutual care insurance, and retirement services.  Any questions about the BC Complete service can be directed to 800-294-3575.

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