www.bcbsmaebilling.com – Pay Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Bill

BCBS MAE Billing

  • Pay a bothersome Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts bill online in less than 60 seconds
  • Direct Pay members should reach out to BCBSMA representatives for technical support
  • This service includes all Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc., and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts HMO Blue, Inc. customers

The BCBS MAE Billing service is simple to use and is ideal for all Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts account holders.  Those who do not have a BCBS MAE Billing account will have to go through a short registration process where they will have to provide their name and their Blue Cross Blue Shield Identification Number (please do not include the three-letter prefix from the users Bluecross ID card, and please add “0000” to the end of the ID number).

BCBS MAE Billing Comments

  • Free to use (i.e. does not charge the customer an additional amount)
  • eBilling also lets a customer view an invoice or update payment information
  • BCBS MAE Billing accepts all major credit cards (i.e. Amercian Express, Discover, MasterCard)
  • Groups can register with their employer name and job title
  • This ebilling service is operated by Benefitfocus, Inc with consent from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Chicago based health insurance organization
  • Founded in 1929 and offers independent, locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans in the USA
  • Has more than 100 million members (it is estimated that one in three Americans have Blue Cross Blue Shield)

The organization operates in 170 countries and serves 85% of Fortune 100 companies and 76% of Fortune 500 companies.  Any questions in regards to the BCBS MAE Billing service can be directed to 1-888-630-BLUE or via mail by writing to: 225 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60601.  Blue Cross Blue Shield also has a Washington DC based office headquartered at 1310 G Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20005.

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