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Bank of America DC Card WA State

  • Washington residents who receive child support payments will receive their funds on a debit card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Recipients of child support in Washington can choose to either have their funds direct deposited into a bank account, or issued through a debit card (paper child support payment checks are no longer issued)
  • When a resident receives a Washington child support debit card for the first tine, they will need to activate it before it can be used

The WA State DCS Prepaid Debit Card website is designed for residents who live in Washington state to easily access their child support payment funds. A Washington child support card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, and can be used for online bill payments, to get cash at an ATM, over the phone, or at any retail store. Residents who already have a Washington child support debit card can logon to this web site to check the current balance on their card, see what transactions have been made, update their address, and more.

Bank of America DC Card WA State Notes

  • In most cases, there are no fees for using the Washington State DCS debit card
  • The only fees are for non Bank of America ATM withdrawals, international ATM withdrawals, and an emergency cash transfer or an express shipping of a replacement card
  • Only residents in the state of Washington are approved for the card

What option are available for receiving Washington child support payments?

Residents can still choose to have child support deposited directly into their bank account in Washington, but the prepaid debit card option is available to people who may not have access to a bank account, or who want to control exactly how their child support money is spent.

To contact a representative about a Washington prepaid DCS child support card

  • Call 1.800.468.7422
  • Division of Child Support, P.O. Box 11520, Tacoma, Washington 98411-5520

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