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IMVU Audio File Class Lawsuit Settlement

  • Users who purchased an audio track using IMVU credits may be eligible to receive free compensation thanks to a class action lawsuit
  • IMVU boasts the world’s largest collection of virtual goods, with over 6 million items total in their catalogue
  • Eligible claims will receive 60% of the value that was paid for the initial IMVU credit, paid either as cash or as more IMVU credit

People who purchased an audio file greater than 20 seconds in length using  IMVU credits after September 21, 2008 may be eligible for free compensation thanks to a class action lawsuit against IMVU. As long as the user also  logged back into the IMVU service at least one time after January 31, 2011, and was a resident of the United States, they’re eligible.

This class action lawsuit alleges that IMVU sold credits to purchase full length songs, then subsequently shortened the length of songs available in their catalogue. The settlement amount in the IMVU case will be a cash refund or a credit to an account that equals 60% of the value of affected credits.

IMVU is an online metaverse that was founded in 2004. There are currently more than 3 million active IMVU users, and IMVU boasts the largest catalogue of virtual goods at over 6 million items.

The courts have approved a $1.15 million settlement in the suit against IMVU, which will first be distributed among legal representation, then spread out among each eligible person that filed a claim. Remember that filing a claim in the class action suit waives any to sue as an individual.

The final date to submit an eligible claim in the class action suit against IMVU is January 8, 2016.

To contact the claims administrator of the IMVU Audio File Class Action Lawsuit:

  • 866-517-1562
  • info@audiofilesettlement.com
  • MacKinnon v. IMVU, Inc. c/o GCG PO Box 10261 Dublin, OH 43017-5761