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Repair an AT&T Device

  • Logon to get help repairing or troubleshooting your AT&T device
  • Get repair assistance for DSL Internet, wireless phones, home phones, or U-Verse Internet
  • Find out how to fix physical damage like a cracked screen or water damage to an AT&T phone

Since cell phones have become such a part of today’s society, there’s nothing more frustrating than when your cell phone is experiencing trouble. It can be pretty confusing if you don’t even know where to start.

Fortunately, AT&T makes it easy to repair or troubleshoot your device. With the AT&T online repair help system, you can get tips about making your device operate efficiently, get tips and instructions for fixing your AT&T device on your own, get online assistance from an AT&T representative, and even schedule and appointment to have your device looked at.

When you logon to have your device repaired, select whether you have a cell phone, a home phone, DSL Internet, or AT&T U-Verse. Once you’ve selected the type of device you have, you’ll be asked to enter the specific model of your device. After that, you’ll be taken to the repair and troubleshooting guide for that specific AT&T device. You can access the instruction manual, see comments and questions from other users, find repair tips, and more.

When you log on, it will be best to have the device that’s experiencing issues actually with you. You may be asked to perform certain actions that you can only do right then. Also, you will need to have your AT&T username with you.

AT&T will even provide you will information on repairing physical damage like a cracked screen or water damage. AT&T will let you know what’s covered by your warranty (so what would be best just to bring into the AT&T store), and what kinds of damage aren’t covered.


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