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AT&T Device Unlock

  • To unlock an AT&T device to work on another network, you’ll need to make a special request
  • AT&T can not unlock devices that are tied to other wireless carriers
  • Your device must be built for use on the AT&T wireless network

Any device that you purchase from AT&T is equipped with software that only allows it to work on the AT&T network. For your device to be unlocked to work on another network, several conditions must be met. The device must be built for use on the AT&T network, and it can not be reported as lost or stolen, or reported with any sort of fraudulent or illegal activity. The device’s service commitments and installment plans must be fully completed, and any early termination fees must be completely paid off. The device can not be currently associated with a different customer’s account.

  • For prepaid customers, your account must have been for a minimum of 60 days, and you must have no past due or unpaid balances
  • If you requested an early upgrade, you must wait the two week “buyer’s remorse” transition period before you can make a request to unlock your previous device. This makes sure that you will be using your new device as intended, and makes sure that you don’t want to return to your old device.
  • AT&T reserves the right to deny any unlocking request it feels would be a violation or an abuse of company policy.
  • Customers who are active and deployed military personnel will need to provided deployment verification and will need to meet all the same general requirements, except those that pertain to service commitments, installment plans or any early termination fees.
  • AT&T also reserves the right to limit the number of devices that may be unlocked for military personnel.

To contact AT&T regarding unlocking a device, use:

  • 800-331-0500