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AT&t Device How To

  • Customers who own an AT&T device can visit the AT&T “How To” website to receive support, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or another device
  • If a specific problem isn’t mentioned, there is a forum section for each device that lets users ask questions to other AT&T customers
  • AT&T customers can troubleshoot most device problems on their own without having to call AT&T technical support

With AT&T’s How To web page, customers can get personalized help and support for their device. To get started on the AT&T How To Support web site, customers will need to enter the specific model number of their device, choosing from manufacturers like Motorola, Apple, Samsung, and HTC.

AT&T Device How To Comments

  • Ideal for anyone having issues with an AT&T product
  • AT&T will not charge customers for using the device how service

Some of the most popular help items are the sections on unlocking an AT&T device to work on another network, refilling a GoPhone account balance, and adding or removing a line of wireless service. This service even offers support for AT&T’s “Digital Life” products, like their home security systems and their smart home automation equipment.

Important Facts About AT&T

  • Is the third largest company in Texas, and the largest non-oil related company
  • Was recently ranked #6 on the list of the world’s most popular brands by the Millward Brown Optimor
  • Has roots that date back to 1983 when it was the Southwestern Bell Corporation

AT&T received criticism for keeping a database of every single telephone call that passed through their system since the mid 1980s. Some AT&T employees actually work for the government at what is called High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas, where information about phone calls can quickly be passed on to law enforcement.

Any questions about the AT&T Device How to service can be directed to the AT&T call center at 800.331.0500.  AT&T is an American based multinational telecommunications provider that has over $145 billion in revenue every single year.

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