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  • Allergan serves over 100 countries around the world
  • Brands like Botox Cosmetic, Skinmedica, Kybella, Juvederm, and Latisse are all part of the Allergan family of products
  • Allergan is a $23 billion global pharmaceutical company and a leader in the sector of “Growth Pharm”

Allegran is one of the world’s most popular drug manufacturers, producing thousands of branded and generic medications that have applications ranging from breast enlargements to skin care and beyond.

The Allergan corporation is fairly new, and was founded in 2015 when the brand Allergan, Inc was acquired by Actavis, Plc. The corporation offers both branded and generic pharmaceuticals, plus conducts pharmaceutical research and development. Allergan’s products are shipped to more than 100 countries across the globe, from 40 manufacturing facilities. Allergan is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has U.S. Administrative Headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Allergan’s Brandbox of products includes names like Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm, Kybella, Latisse, Natrelle, Skinmedica, and more. Primarily, Allergan focuses on the areas of  dermatology, aesthetics, women’s health, eye care, Cystic Fibrosis, and Cardiovascular and Infectious Disease. On the genetics medicines side of things, Allergan boasts a profile of over 1,000 medications, with an incredibly diverse range of treatments.

Paul M. Bisaro is Allegran’s executive chairman, a man who has been Chief Executive Officer of Actavis, Chief Operating Officer of Barr Pharmaceuticals, and Senior Vice President – Strategic Business Development of Barr among other impressive positions.

In 2011, the USA’s FDA began to question the safety of silicone gel-filled breast implants like the ones produced by Allergan. But Allergan assured their customers that any product from Allergan is held to a higher standard than even US government regulations, and should be considered completely safe for use. Allergan has also come under fire for using “foreskin fibroblasts” in some of their products, primarily the Skinmedica brand.

To contact Allergan:

  • 1 (800) 433-8871