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Aetna Medicare Member

  • US residents who are at least age 65 are encouraged to sign up for Aetna Medicare coverage to make sure all of their medical needs are covered
  • Aetna offers PDP, HMO, PPO plan with a current Medicare contract
  • Members who have an Aetna account can logon to the Aetna Member Portal to manage their account, including viewing their claims, finding out what their coverage is, selecting or changing their doctor, and even paying their premium

Once member sign up for Aetna coverage, they will receive a few different things in the mail: a letter stating their membership in Aetna, an Aetna member identification card (that will usually be received within 14 days), a document giving a complete description the member’s Aetna coverage (called Evidence of Coverage), a list of prescription drugs that are covered under this plan, information about online payments, and an Aetna “Owner’s Manual” that has helpful tools, cost saving resources, and important coverage tips.

Aetna Medicare Member

  • Aetna members need to select a Primary Care Physician (also called a PCP) to make sure that one doctor directing their care, and to make sure that doctor has a better understanding of that individual’s health care needs
  • In addition, members choosing a PCP helps coordinate care with specialists much more easily

More to Know About Aetna

Aetna was founded in 1853, and provides traditional and “consumer direct” health care insurance plans, plus services like medical, dental, pharmaceutical, long term care, and disability insurance plans. Aetna is a Fortune 100 company, and has almost $50 billion in revenue each year. Any questions in regards to the Aetna Medicare Member account can be directed to 800-345-6022 or by mail at Aetna Inc., P.O. Box 14088, Lexington, Kentucky 40512.

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