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Achieve Card Rewards

  • The Achieve Visa Prepaid Card is a convenient debit card solution ideal for those without a bank account, or who simply want an extra card
  • Achieve Cardholders earn exclusive rewards whenever they make a purchase or deposit funds
  • With exclusive online account access, Achieve cardholders can use to pay bills, manage their balance, and redeem rewards

With easy online account setup, guaranteed acceptance, and a fantastic rewards program, the Achieve Prepaid Visa is by far one of the most exciting prepaid cards available! You can even set up direct deposit and start earning tons of rewards points just for loading your card!

Important Information

  • Cardholders can’t withdraw more than $600 per day, and they can’t make more than 25 purchases in a given 24-hour period.
  • Achieve charges a monthly maintenance fee.
  • The card is a prepaid card, which means you can’t spend any money until you load your card.
  • Achieve Rewards points can only be used on auctions sponsored directly through the Achieve website.

Be aware that there are several fees involved with using the Achieve Prepaid Card. In addition to account maintenance fees, Achieve charges late fees, returned payment fees, and ATM withdrawal fees. While this is a good option for customers who need a reliable prepaid card with additional bonus benefits, this may not be the best card for everyone.

How to Activate an Achieve Card

  • Once you receive an Achieve card, visit achievecard.com and select “Activate Now.”
  • Enter your card number, name, and other identifying information.
  • Review for accuracy, then click “Submit.” You can start using your Achieve Card immediately!

With flexible terms, great rewards and a massive amount of points rewarded just for keeping your account in good standing, the Achieve Rewards Visa is an amazing option for anyone who wants a convenient, easily managed debit card with no risk of overdraft fees. It’s easy to apply and acceptance is guaranteed, so apply today!