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Ace Elite Login

  • The Ace Elite card is a prepaid, loadable Visa card that’s accepted anywhere Visa is taken
  • By registering an Ace Elite card online, users can see updated transaction information, add money instantly, update account information, and more
  • Customers can have a direct deposit check from a job or a government assistance check sent directly to an Ace Elite card

The Ace Lite Card is a Visa card issued by Ace Cash Express that’s prepaid and reloadable. The Ace Lite card is taken anywhere Visa is accepted. When users register their Ace Lite card online, they have access to up to the minute transaction activity, can add money to an Ace Lite card instantly, change the account address, and more.

Ace Elite Card

  • Customers can get paid up to two days faster (and much more conveniently) when they have their direct deposit check from their job or their government assistance check sent directly to their Ace Elite card account
  • The Ace Elite card can also be used to pay bills online like rent, car payments, utilities, and more
  • With direct deposit to an Ace Elite card, there are no fees to withdraw money at over 1,000 Ace Cash Express locations
  • With the direct deposit Fee Advantage program, there is no limit to monthly transactions for just $5 a month, as long as at least $500 is deposited into the account each month.

More about Ace Cash Express

The Ace Elite Card is issued by Ace Cash Express, who has their headquarters at 1231 Greenway Drive, Suite 600
Irving, TX 75038. Ace Cash Express was founded in 1968 as MoneyMart, and has around 1,800 employees. Ace serves over two million customers every month, and has a growth formula of adding new stores, along with purchasing existing stores, expanding the products they offer, and enhancing the services they already have.

To contact a representative for the Ace Elite card:

  • NetSpend Corporation, PO Box 2136, Austin, TX 78768-2136
  • 1-866-387-7363


  1. www.aceelite.com