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Account Gateway One Lending

  • Account holders with Gateway One Lending can logon to their account and check their current loan balance or make a payment to a Gateway One loan
  • Gateway One loans are simple interest loan, which means that interest only payments are not available (customers cannot pay interest that they have not already accrued)
  • Payments to a Gateway One loan account cannot be made with a credit card or with a savings account, but customers can use MoneyGram to make a loan payment with a credit card or use wire transfer by using the receiving code 7356.0

Any web or phone payment made to a Gateway One loan account will post to the customer’s account on the set debit date at midnight that night, but payments made with a checking account may take 24 to 48 business hours for the funds to be withdrawn from the checking account. Accouny Gateway One Lending can not sign up for automatic bi-weekly Gateway One loan payments,  but they can make as many payments as they want online. A TCF bank branch will accept a Gateway One loan payment in the form of a check or money order. But the branch will then mail the loan payment to Gateway One for processing, which will add a few days to the payment.

How to make a payment to a Gateway One loan

To make a Gateway One loan payment online, customers will need to have their account number, which is available on all statements received. Customers can also mail in a Gateway One loan payment by sending a check to: Gateway One Lending & Finance P.O. Box 650004, Dallas, TX 75265-0004. Instead of mailing in a loan payment or logging in to make one each month, customers can sign up for automatic monthly Gateway One loan payments by faxing a form to 714-844-4536.

To contact Gateway One Lending:

  • Gateway One Lending & Finance, Attention: Payoff Department, 160 N. Riverview Drive Suite 100, Anaheim, CA 92808
  • Call (888) 810-8740

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