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Access DMV

  • With the New Jersey MVC web site, drivers can handle a number of services to save time over a trip to a NJ MVC location
  • Many services on the NJ MVC web site will require a user ID number (which drivers can request by entering their driver’s license number and Social Security numbers)

Some actions on the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission web site do have a small service fee associated with them (which can be paid by any Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card). For drivers, the NJ MVC web site lets them fill out organ donor registration, check the wait time for a vehicle inspection, update personal information (like address), pay a New Jersey vehicle restoration fee, pay a New Jersey parking or traffic ticket (a service provided by NJ Courts), view a New Jersey driver history record, or schedule a NJ MVC road test.

Access DMV Comments

  • Drivers cannot get a duplicate car title on the New Jersey MVC site
  • If there are no liens on a vehicle, drivers must write to NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Special Title Unit P.O. Box 017 Trenton, NJ 08666-0017 to get a certified copy
  • Must be a legal resident of the state of New Jersey

One of the most popular NJ MVC online services is license renewal, which can be done as long as the driver has the PIN that’s on the lower right corner of the NJ license renewal notice. Online renewals can only be processed two month before and two months after the month of license expiration.

More information about the New Jersey MVC

  • The current slogan for the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is “On the Road to Excellence”
  • Any questions in regards to the Access DMV service can be directed to (609) 292-6500

The New Jersey MVC was created in 2003 to replace the Division of Motor Vehicles (also known as the DMV), increasing online security and making things easier for drivers. New Jersey has created the USA’s most secure Digital Driver License (it has over embedded security features) and has one of the top two most secure ID verification policies in America.

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