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AARP Part D Value 

  • For people who are 65 and older, Medicare Part D helps make sure that prescriptions and prescription insurance remains affordable
  • Use the AARP Medicare tools to search for prescriptions and see an estimated cost
  • Nearly 30 million people each year enroll for Medicare Part D benefits

Medicare Part D (also known as the Medicare prescription drug benefit) is a program designed to help US residents with the cost of prescriptions and prescription insurance premiums. AARP is the perfect destination for patients over 65 who are trying to find out more about Medicare plans in their area.

For US residents who are turning 65 or older, signing up for Medicare D coverage is one of the best decisions they can make. Medicare Part D provides a $0 deductible plan, meaning patients are covered from the very first prescription they need. There’s no waiting period. There’s also a lower cost plan available for people who do not currently take prescription drugs, but still want to make sure they have the health coverage.

The AARP Medicare site offers online tools that allow patients to look up the prescriptions they’re taking, and estimate the cost under Medicare Part D. By answering a few questions about overall health and lifestyle, the AARP site helps people find the Medicare Part D plan that’s perfect for their needs.

There are currently more than 1,500 Medicare Part D plans available across the nation, so it can be a confusing process to sign up. But with almost 30 million beneficiaries taking part each year, it’s something that’s important to do. Most prescriptions are available under Medicare, but any drug that’s not approved by the FDA is not covered. In addition, drugs for conditions like anorexia, weight loss, or weight gain are not covered, and neither are drugs for fertility, cosmetic purposes, or coughs and colds.

To contact Medicare about the Part D Plan:

  • 1-866-221-2234


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