Why The Media Is Worse Than Lyme Disease

The mass media these days is an absolute joke, quite frankly it’s embarrassing. Our media is filled with useless news that nobody cares about and they simply dump their pathetic opinions onto us. All they do is grab a story and beat the hell out of it until it is pretty much dead, they don’t deliver any “news”. There are some exceptions, but they are very rare and are always followed by a long story about some pointless celebrity’s new TV show. They don’t care about what is really happening out there, they just want to fill up our minds with complete pointless nonsense.

Even when there is real news they can’t actually share all of it with us. They completely manipulate it into their own way of thinking by twisting words making people sound different. It is hard to believe they actually think so many people enjoy listening to their twisted lies. I mean who cares about Brad Pitt sunbathing at Daytona beach or David Beckham drinking a glass of wine in his mansion? Look at the state of some of these photographers trying to climb over barbed wire fences to get into Beckham’s garden and take pictures of them while they try enjoy some privacy. They even take pictures of the kids while they play in the swimming pool, I mean what can get more creepy than that?

It’s about time we brought the old news back and got the information that really matters. We are fed up listening to this pointless garbage and want to hear about the real world. Take some of the newspaper headlines for example. While there was a war going on in Afghanistan the main cover for the Newsweek magazine was about some journalist filming Angelina Jolie. Seriously? Come on, Where is the logic in that? WE DON’T CARE.