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  • To start taking the Your Community Health Needs Assessment survey, enter your ID and click the “login” button
  • This survey is designed to get a general feel for the medical needs of the residents of the communities around Indiana University
  • Your honest answers will help make medical research better in your community

As  apart of ongoing efforts to remain engaged in their community, Indiana University has established the Your Community Health Needs Assessment. This assessment is designed to identify health related needs for the residents of Clark, Dubois, Lawrence, Jackson, Madison, and Monroe counties. In short, the answers that you give here will give medical professionals a better idea of what life here is like for residents.

It’s important for Indiana University to understand the needs of the communities around it and to meet those needs. To make sure they’re properly meeting those needs, they’ve set up this online survey. Participants can anonymously answer a series of questions about what sort of medical conditions and problems they deal with. Indiana University takes these answers and tailors their research towards those areas.

Medical professionals can take the answers to this survey and use them for several things. They can look for areas of disparity in certain communities, so they can tailor specific initiatives towards those communities. They can also learn more about the quality of life in overall communities and specifically local levels.

To start taking this survey, simply enter the ID you were given and click the “Login” button. If you don’t know your login ID, enter your e-mail address and the system will send it to you. If you have other problems logging in, there’s a contact form on the website you can use.

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