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Fuel Rewards Shell Activate Card

  • Sign up (or activate an account) for the Shell gas stations reward program
  • This is a must rewards program for those who frequent Shell more than a few times per month
  • Program members will earn nice little rewards such as free coffee, discounted car washes, and discounts on specially marked items

The Fuel Rewards Shell Activate Card process should take less than 2 minutes to complete and membership is free.  When shopping at a participating Shell station simply swipe the members Fuel Rewards card or present a member ID when purchasing specially marked items.  In order to sing up the member will have to provide their name, a good standing email address, and a mobile phone number (Shell will never contact the customers members phone number).

Fuel Rewards Shell Activate Card Comments

  • New members will save 25¢/gal on their second fill-up at participating Shell stations
  • Membership comes with no annual fee
  • A minimum savings of 3¢/gal can be expected in every gas purchase
  • Rewards will be added to the customer account as soon as the purchase has been made (no need to wait around for days waiting for points to show up)
  • Shell reserves the right to change or modify the terms of the Fuel Rewards Shell Activate card program at any time
  • The Fuel Rewards app can be found at both the Apple and Google Play stores

Please note that the offer may vary by Shell location and member should look for signs at the pump for offers available inside the Shell convenience store.  The program is constantly expanding ways members can earn reward points by adding shopping online, dining out, and buying groceries to the points program.  There is not a maximum amount of gas one can purchase when using Fuel Rewards but some location may require a minimum purchase of 20 gallons.

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