www.squaretrade.com/costco – Access Costco Protection Plan Online

Square Trade Costco

  • Costco shoppers can logon to manage a Square Trade protection agreement they have purchased
  • Registering a Costco Square Trade account allows customers to manage all of their plans from one place and file claims online easily
  • Once a customer has registered, all of their future Costco Square Trade protection plans will be automatically added to their account

When Costco customers purchase an electronic device, they’re usually given the opportunity to purchase Square Trade protection, which provides coverage that goes past what the standard manufacturer’s warranty offers. Square Trade protection from Costco guards against most types of accidental damage or damage done through normal use, but it won’t cover damage that’s deemed “outside of normal use.” To register a Costco Square Trade purchase, customers will need to enter their Costco membership number, their Costco last name, and their e-mail address to make a new Costco Square Trade account (that will then be used for every subsequent Square Trade purchase).

Square Trade Costco Notes

  • Easy to use
  • Members who already have a Costco Square Trade account can just log in and enter their new Square Trade number to activate their new membership
  • If a customer purchased a cellphone protection plan through Costco.com, they will need to check their confirmation e-mail to find out how to activate their warranty coverage

More to Know About Costco

Costco was founded in 1976, and is currently the largest membership-only warehouse club in the United States and the second largest retailer in the US behind only Walmart. Costco’s current worldwide headquarters are in Issaquah, Washington. Costco currently has just over 700 warehouse shopping locations around the world.

  • Costco’s annual revenue is just over $117 billion per year
  • To contact Square Trade about Costco Protection: 360 3rd Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107

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www.norton.com/setup – Enter Product Key Access Code

Norton Set Up

  • The Norton setup site is the easiest way for people who have purchased a Norton product to get it running and to register a Norton product online
  • Customers will need an Internet connected computer and they will need to have their Norton product key to fully register and activate a Norton product
  • If a customer doesn’t already have a Norton account, they will need to set one up because an account is needed to access Norton products and features.

With Norton setup, customers just enter their Norton product key, access their online Norton account, manage a Norton subscription, and even extend a Norton protection subscription to other products like a Mac, PC, iOS or Android device. For customers who purchased a Norton product online from the Norton site or from an authorized retailer, the Norton product key will be in the confirmation e-mail they received. Norton key codes can only be used one time, and it’s recommended they not be transferred from one customer to another. Customers who purchased a physical Norton product in a retail store will find their Norton product key inside the box either on a scratch card (with a silver box) or on a sticker on the back of the CD sleeve.

More things to know about Norton

Norton began as a company in 1991, and is one of the top anti-malware companies today. In most years, Norton has up to a 61% market share of the paid virus protection market. Symantec Corporation developed Norton, but in 2015, when they were updating their product line, decided to discontinue production of the Norton Antivirus line of products.

  • Norton is often criticized for being difficult to uninstall from a device, and even after uninstallation, leaving behind files that aren’t necessary

To contact Norton about setting up a product

  • 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA 94043
  • 650-527-8000

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www.sprint.com/buyback – $300 Sprint Account Credit

Sprint Buy Back

  • By using the Sprint Buyback program, customer can send their old cell phones to be recycled (making sure they stay out of landfills)
  • Sprint customers who send their old phone in for recycling can earn as much as $300 in account credit for every eligible device they send in
  • An e-mail notification will be sent when Sprint processes each phone with a notice stating if it has been accepted or denied and how much payment will be issued

People who are interested in recycling their Sprint phone can get an instant quote online (although the value will differ a little depending on the condition of the phone). Customers are allowed to ship back multiple devices at once to Sprint for recycling if they want. Even though customers can sen several phones in the same package for Sprint to recycle, each one is processed individually, meaning one phone may be processed by Sprint while the other ones aren’t showing up yet.

Sprint Buy Back Comments

  • If a phone was sent to a Sprint retail store for recycling, customers can contact that store to get an update on the status of their payment
  • Sprint does have an online system to track recycled phones, but it only works for phones that are sent directly to Sprint (not a retail store)
  • Devices must be sent to Sprint within 15 days of the prepaid envelope being printed
  • Devices received after this time may be subject to a change in value offered

How do customers get payment for a phone recycled with Sprint?

Customers who do decide to recycle a phone with Sprint will receive their payment as a bill credit, usually received within three billing cycles. Phone recycled in a Sprint retail store will give the customer credit towards the purchase of a new Sprint device or towards the purchase of accessories.

To contact Sprint about recycling an old phone

  • (877) 443-4464

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www.mytotalconnectcomfort.com – Access Honeywell Total Connect

My Total Connect Comfort

  • With My Total Connect Comfort, customers who have a smart thermostat like the Lyric can remotely monitor and access their heating and cooling system anytime from any Internet connection
  • To create a Total Connect Comfort account with Honeywell, users will need to enter the model number of their Honeywell device and the MAC Internet address that device is connecting to
  • All Honeywell Wi-Fi enabled thermostats are supported by My Total Connect Comfort

My Total Connect Comfort is Honeywell’s online web portal that allows for remote access to any Honeywell RedLINK enabled or Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat. When a customer registers a My Total Connect Comfort account and connects it to a thermostat, they have the ability to control their heating and cooling system settings, temperature, and other thermostat features from their computer, smart phone, or tablet.

My Total Connect Comfort Comments

  • Easy to use
  • Requires Internet access
  • Customers using Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort page for the first time will need to select the region of the world they’re in and the language they speak
  • Can be used on any mobile device that uses the Android or IOS operating systems

When connecting to the Total Connect Comfort page, Honeywell users are sharing data about their home temperature, and what actions they take with their thermostat during certain times of day. Honeywell smart thermostat settings are stored to the device’s permanent memory, so in the event of a power outage, users don’t have to enter all of their information into the thermostat again.

What devices work with Honeywell Total Connect Comfort?

Currently, Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort works with any Apple or Android cell phone or tablet, or any PC computer. The Honeywell Connect app can be downloaded in the iTunes store or the Google Play Marketplace. To contact Honeywell about setting up a Total Connect Comfort Account just dial 1 (877) 841-2840.

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www.minecraftmodspack.com – Minecraft File Storage

Minecraft Mods Pack

  • The Minecraft Mods Pack site lets Minecraft players upload their game files for storage and for sharing with other players
  • To upload a Minecraft file to Minecraft Mods Pack.com, users just need to drag and drop the file to the right spot on the web page or click “Select files” and choose their files
  • There is a limit of 7 MB in files that can be uploaded to the Minecraft Mods Pack site, but that value can be changed, increased, or decreased as is necessary to free up space on servers

Minecraft Mods Pack even has an auto delete feature where files will be deleted after a certain number of days to help keep space free (this is automatically set to 1 day by default). When a file is uploaded to Minecraft mods, the link to access that file can be e-mailed, but whoever has the link also has access to delete the file permanently.

More about Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular “sandbox” game that has been around since 2011, and has millions of players around the world. It is the very best selling PC game of all time, and the second best selling video game of all time, behind only Tetris. Minecraft has won numerous awards like Best Downloadable Game, Game of the Year, and Best Game Innovation.

  • There is even an official Minecraft con that happens each year in Las Vegas, where players and fans of the game come together for two days of all things Minecraft: chats with developers, Minecraft costume contests, classes on Minecraft, and more

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