www.everywherereward.com – Access Everywhere Reward Card Online

Everywhere Reward

  • The Everywhere Reward Card lets customers who have a rewards card from Everywhere Rewards activate their card so it’s ready for use
  • To begin activating an Everywhere Rewards card, customers will first need to enter the fist 10 digits of the number that appears on the front of their card
  • Once logged in to the Everywhere Reward Card online portal, the customer’s current available points balance is listed in the top right corner of every page

With the Everywhere Rewards card, shoppers can earn points for all of their everyday qualified purchases and get free cash back. Any type of purchase, from groceries to fuel to utility bills can earn Everywhere Rewards. For most purchases, $1 spend is 1 Everyday Reward Point. If customers have more than one Everywhere Reward Card, they will need to have a separate account login and password for each one. Everywhere Rewards Points cardholders can redeem points for an airfare ticket, as long as each free ticket is ordered through a program administrator for a coach class airline ticket on a scheduled U.S. or International carrier, every free ticket is on the same airlines or code share airline, stopovers are not permitted unless they are to make direct connections, and reservations for Everywhere Rewards Points tickets can only be done through standard commercial passenger carriers (meaning no charter or private flights). To continue earning Everywhere Rewards Points, all required minimum payments have been paid by their payment due date.

Do Everywhere Rewards Points ever expire?

Everywhere Reward Card points are tracked and redeemable on a “first in, first out” basis, and points will expire three years from the date they were earned. Everywhere Reward points are not the actual property of the cardholder, and cannot be sold, bought, or transferred to any other person in any way.

To contact Everyday Rewards

  • 888.396.3419

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www.seabondsavings.com – Save $2 Sign Up For Sea-Bond

Sea-Bond Savings

  • Signing up for the $2 Sea Bond coupon will also sign the customer up for other e-mails from Sea Bond with more chances to save money in the future
  • Sea Bond is a zinc free product, and is completely safe for oral use (and even accidentally swallowing Sea Bond isn’t a problem)
  • The Seabond Savings web site gives customers who use Seabond the chance to save money on their Seabond denture purchase

Customers can instantly $2 in Seabond Savings when they sign up for the SeaBond Savings Reward Program (plus get extra Seabond offers and additional Seabond coupons when they join). Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Cream, Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Seals, Sea Bond Dental Bath, and Sea Bond Dental Brush. All Sea Bond products come in a regular and fresh option (with the fresh having a special “fresh” and long lasting natural mint flavor).

Sea-Bond Savings Comments

  • If any Sea Bond product (either the cream or the seals) are swallowed, there is no toxic danger since the ingredients are all natural
  • Sea Bond can be purchased at CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, or any number of online retailers
  • The $2 instant Sea Bond coupon is good at any store, but usually isn’t good online

Do Sea Bond Seals expire?

Sea Bond seals can not be reused, and it’s recommended that they be replaced after every use (Sea Bond seals should be changed once per day). As long as they’re kept in a cool, dry place, Sea Bond seals don’t have any expiration date, and should last as long as they’re taken care of. All Sea Bond seals come in a standard, one size fits all size.

To contact Sea Bond about the $2 savings coupon offer

  • 1-800-431-2610

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www.netflix.com/gift – Redeem Netflix Gift Online With PIN

Netflix Gift

  • Claim a Netflix gift with a PIN code
  • The redemption process takes less than 30 seconds to complete
  • Please note these gift cards are one time use cards and are only redeemable for the Netflix subscription service (the “Netflix Service”) in countries where the service is offered in the currency denominated on the Gift Card

In order to complete the Netflix gift redeem process the customer must have the PIN number without this number the customer will not be able to claim their gift.  Customers MUST have a valid Netflix membership account in order to redeem the gift and the PIN number cannot be redeemed by a third-party.  Netflix gift cards are assigned a dollar amount (i.e. $50) and the users must be 18 years of age or older in order to redeem the gift.

Netflix.com/gift Comments

  • The entire value of the Gift Card will be applied to customers Netflix account upon redemption
  • Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be substituted for any other gift card
  • The Netflix Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, resold, or transferred under any circumstances
  • It does not appear that Netflix will replace a lost or stolen card

These gift cards make perfect gifts for friends, family, and even teachers.  Please note Netflix gift cards DO NOT expire and can be used by United States, Canada, and Mexico residents.  Any questions in regards to the Netflix Gift process can be directed to 866-579-7172.

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www.mytearsmyrewards.com – Sign Up for the My Tears, My Rewards Savings Program

My Tears My Rewards

  • Enroll in order to receive a My Tears, My Rewards Savings Card which may help customers save up to 90 bucks
  • This rewards program is a must for anyone who uses RESTASIS
  • There are only two steps involved in the sign up and the entire process will take less than 5 minutes to complete

The My Tears My Rewards program is billed as a savings, counseling, and support program that comes FREE of charge (i.e. no monthly or annual fee to join).  Once the customer has signed up for the My Tears My Rewards program please allow up to 10 days for their card to arrive via US Mail (in some cases the patients eye doctor may provide them with the savings card on the spot).  Please note those who have obtained a savings card from the My Tears My Rewards website do not need to activate the card as it is already activated.  Patients who received the card via mail or from their doctor should contact the RESTASIS Patient  Support Center at 1-844-4MY-TEARS (1-844-469-8327) and select option 2 to start the activation process.

According to the promotion: “eligible patients who enroll in the My Tears, My Rewards Program may pay as little as $0 (up to a $90 savings*) on every refill with 90-day prescriptions or save up to $20* on every refill with 30-day prescriptions” – mytearsmyrewards.com

My Tears My Rewards Comments

  • Saving card members have the option of paying $0 for every 90-day RESTASIS prescription OR save up to $20 on every 30-day RESTASIS prescription
  • When using the card at the pharmacist please be sure to present the Savings Card along with the patients RESTASIS prescription in order to obtain the savings
  • In the odd case that the patients mail-order pharmacy or pharmacy does not accept the Savings Card, get a claim form here

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www.pepsiandtostitos.com – Enter Codes or Redeem Points Unreal NFL Experience

Pepsi and Tostitos

  • Obtain more details about the Pepsi and Tostitos Unreal NFL Experience sweepstakes
  • Codes can be found on participating Pepsi and TOSTITOS products
  • Once the contestant has earned enough points they can be redeemed for amazing rewards and chances to win Unreal NFL Experiences

The Pepsi and Tostitos promotion will run until January 2, 2017 and is open to all legal residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older (being a NFL fan is not required).  In order to participate in this promotion contestants will be required to register for an account with a valid email address and first name, last name, zip code, date of birth, and phone number (contestants have the option to simply link their Facebook or Twitter account for easy registration).  Codes will be 10 digits long and can be found on specially marked packages of TOSTITOS chips and dip products and specially marked PEPSI-COLA 12 oz 12 packs (i.e. Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Caffeine Free Pepsi, Pepsi Max just to name a few).

Pepsi and Tostitos Comments

  • Only one account is allowed per person regardless of how much money they spend on Pepsi products
  • People living in the states of Alabama and Nebraska must be 19 year of age or older in order to play
  • All points accumulated during the course of the promotion must be redeemed by 1/2/17 or they will become utterly useless
  • If redeeming points for Marketplace Items, all Points (and any Bonus Points) must be redeemed for Marketplace Items by 11:59 p.m. CT on February 5, 2017
  • Contestants can enter up to 15 codes per day during the lifetime of the Pepsi and Tostitos Unreal NFL Experience sweepstakes
  • No purchase is required in order to enter
  • Bonus points can be obtained by sharing the Pepsi and Tostitos Unreal NFL Experience sweepstakes with friends (or enemies) via social media
  • Any account is not needed if entering the promotion via the no purchase method

How in the world can one enter this sick sweepstakes without making a purchase?  Please write to: Tostitos and Pepsi Football Promotion, PO Box 650027, Dept. 154-701, El Paso, TX 88565-0027… please include an index card with the contestants complete name and address, email address, phone number, and date of birth (also include proper postage).

Popular experiences associated with the Pepsi and Tostitos Unreal NFL Experience sweepstakes include a trip to the Super Bowl!, tickets to the 2017 NFL Draft, or tickets to the 2017 Pro Bowl just to name a few.  This promotion is a must enter for NFL fan boys.

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