www.tellsubway.ae – Subway United Arab Emirates Survey

Tell Subway AE

  • Take a short survey in regards to a Subway United Arab Emirates purchase
  • This survey is for purchases in the United Arab Emirates only
  • Customers can expect to spend between 4 to 8 minutes taking the survey

The Tell Subway customer survey will help improve the quality of the service/food and will provide coupon that can be used on a future visit to this popular sub sammy shop.  To start the survey customers will have to provide the SUBWAY store ID listed on their customer receipt and then answer a few short questions in regards to their visit.  Questions they may encounter include how tasty the sub sammy was and the quality of the service received by the employees (don’t worry partner the customer’s information will never be shared with store associates).  The Tell Subway AE survey is limited one per customer in a 24 hour period and the survey coupon cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.  Please note in order to secure the lucrative Tell Subway AE promotional coupon the customer will have to provide an email address.  All submissions, feedback and comments associated with the Tell Subway survey are entirely voluntary, non-confidential, and gratuitous (customers are not allowed to submit material that is unlawful, defamatory, abusive or obscene under any circumstances… even if their sub sammy was the worse sub on the planet).

Questions in regards to the Tell Subway AE survey?

  • Please dial 1-888-445-9239 (this number can be reached Monday  through Friday from 8:30 to 5:30 pm Eastern Time
  • Consumers can also write to: 9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705 Miami, FL 33156

Subway was founded back in 1965 in the sleepy town of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  The firm is owned and operated by Doctor’s Associates, Inc. and has more than 44,000 locations in 112 countries (as of August 2016).  Some of the MUST TRY sub include the Meatball sub, Spicy Italian, and the Veggie Delite.


  1. www.tellsubway.ae

www.huggiesfandangoreward.com – Access Huggies Fandango Movie Certificate

Huggies Fandango Reward

  • A printer and Adobe are required to print a Fandango Huggies reward, and customers must bring their printed certificate to a participating theater box office to redeem
  • A Huggies Fandango movie certificate is good towards one admission (up to a $15 total value) to see any other Disney movie at a participating theater in the United States
  • Fandango rewards codes and movie certificate earned through this Huggies promotion will be void if it’s not redeemed by January 31, 2016.

With the Huggies Fandango Reward web site, customers can enter rewards codes from Huggies products and redeem them for Fandango movie certificates. Huggies Fandango codes are available on any specially marked Huggies product, including diapers and wipes. Once Fandango rewards are redeemed, they are credited to the customer’s account instantly, and can be used to redeem a movie certificate right away. Customers can find a list of participating theaters that will accept their Huggies Fandango reward by visiting the web site www.hollywoodmoviemoney.com and entering their zip code. Huggies Fandango Rewards do expire at a certain point, so it’s important for customers to enter their codes before the deadline to ensure they’ll receive credit for them. Once codes are redeemed for a movie certificate from Fandango, that free movie certificate does in turn expire on it’s own, and can’t be redeemed past its expiration date.

Can a Huggies Fandango reward be used at any theater?

When a Fandango Reward from Huggies is printed, the customer will be asked to choose a specific theater they want to see their free movie at. In most cases though, the Fandango certificate can be used at any theater that sells their tickets through Fandango.

To contact Fandango about a Huggies rewards certificate

  • Call 1 (866) 857-5191

Primary References

  1. www.huggiesfandangoreward.com

www.discountdiningdollars.com – Access Dining Destination Rewards

Discount Dining Dollars

  • The Dining Destination Rewards program is designed to give customers who stay at certain hotels, participate in certain promotions, or sign up for certain web sites an incentive for participating in the form of a restaurant discount
  • Customers will need to sign in to Dining Destination Rewards with their code and password that was created at the time they first signed up
  • Dining Destination Rewards can only be used at participating restaurants, and the list of ones that are involved changes often

Powered by the Entertainment book, Dining Destination Rewards gives customers the chance to save 50% at over 70,000 restaurants across the United States. Customers can’t even log in to the Dining Destination Rewards service (aka Discount Dining Dollars) until they’ve obtained a code. There is no chance to create an account with Dining Destination Rewards without having a code in hand. Participating restaurants include well known favorites such as McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Friday’s, Dave & Buster’s, Red Robin and Macaroni Grill just to pull a few names from the list (these name brands are not available in all markets though). Customers can also enjoy savings on more than 100,000 local entertainment / shopping offers from things like golf, bowling, live sporting events, tourist attractions, health and beauty, automotive, home and garden, music, books and videos and more. Please note customers will have to start purchasing the BOGO within 30 days and the offer will expire in 1 year.

How to log in to Dining Destination Rewards

Once customers get a Dining Destination Rewards code, they will be able to view restaurants in their area that are buy one get one (BOGO) free. Instead of being an actual gift card, Dining Destination Rewards are more of a coupon.

For questions about Discount Dining Dollars

  • Call 1-866-900-9685

Primary References

  1. www.discountdiningdollars.com

www.ihgrewardsclub.com/register – Access IHG Rewards Club Online

IHG Rewards Club Register

  • The IHG Rewards Club is set up for members who to earn free points just for staying at IHG hotels, plus for participating in other promotional opportunities, and they can eventually earn enough points to have a free hotel stay
  • There are very few limitations with IHG rewards redemptions, customer can redeem them for what they want, when they want it, meaning there are no blackout dates with IHG hotels
  • Staying at an IHG hotel is probably the fastest way to earn rewards points, but there are also plenty of other ways like signing up for the IHG card

Members who are in the InterContinental Hotels Group Rewards Club can earn points when they stay at any one of their 5,000 hotels or take part in their  promotions and partners. IGH Credit Card holders get a free night for every year of their enrollment on the anniversary of their first sign up. There’s no annual fee for the IHG card. IHG membership is open to any legal resident of the US who is at least 18 years old at the time of their sign up.

IHG Rewards Club Register Notes

  • Registration takes less than 2 minutes to complete
  • A valid email address is required
  • Those who already registered can simply sign in with their username

What are the benefits of the IHG Club Credit Card?

By signing up for the IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card, customers can get on the fastest track to earning IHG points. Cardholders get 60,000 bonus points after they spend $1,000 on purchases within the first three months of the account opening. The 60,000 points promotion is only is available if a customer does not already have this credit card, and  if they have not received a new card member bonus for this card within the past two years. New cardholders also get 5,000 bonus points after they add their first authorized user and make their first purchase within the same 3 month period.

To contact the IHG Rewards club about a booking

  • Call 1 877 424 2449

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www.everywherereward.com – Access Everywhere Reward Card Online

Everywhere Reward

  • The Everywhere Reward Card lets customers who have a rewards card from Everywhere Rewards activate their card so it’s ready for use
  • To begin activating an Everywhere Rewards card, customers will first need to enter the fist 10 digits of the number that appears on the front of their card
  • Once logged in to the Everywhere Reward Card online portal, the customer’s current available points balance is listed in the top right corner of every page

With the Everywhere Rewards card, shoppers can earn points for all of their everyday qualified purchases and get free cash back. Any type of purchase, from groceries to fuel to utility bills can earn Everywhere Rewards. For most purchases, $1 spend is 1 Everyday Reward Point. If customers have more than one Everywhere Reward Card, they will need to have a separate account login and password for each one. Everywhere Rewards Points cardholders can redeem points for an airfare ticket, as long as each free ticket is ordered through a program administrator for a coach class airline ticket on a scheduled U.S. or International carrier, every free ticket is on the same airlines or code share airline, stopovers are not permitted unless they are to make direct connections, and reservations for Everywhere Rewards Points tickets can only be done through standard commercial passenger carriers (meaning no charter or private flights). To continue earning Everywhere Rewards Points, all required minimum payments have been paid by their payment due date.

Do Everywhere Rewards Points ever expire?

Everywhere Reward Card points are tracked and redeemable on a “first in, first out” basis, and points will expire three years from the date they were earned. Everywhere Reward points are not the actual property of the cardholder, and cannot be sold, bought, or transferred to any other person in any way.

To contact Everyday Rewards

  • 888.396.3419

Primary References

  1. www.everywherereward.com