www.open.com/confirm – American Express Online Confirmation

Open Confirm

  • Sign in to confirm an American Express credit card received via US Mail
  • The confirmation process should take less than one minute to complete and new AMEX customers will have to create an account
  • A valid email address is required in order to create an account online

The Open Confirm service is free to use and is associated with American Express OPEN Small Business Charge & Credit Cards.  Once an account has been created the customer will be able to make payments online, set up convenient email reminders (i.e. payment due dates), link a checking account to the card, and enroll in exclusive AMEX member-only benefits.


The Open Confirm service also requires the customer to have the 15 digit card number on hand (or the customer can simply call the toll-free number found on the sticker of the card to start the confirmation process).

HectaMedia Best Pick’s

  • Jet Blue Mastercard Activate – Activate a Jet Blue Mastercard online. Requires the Jet Blue credit card account number
  • Shutterfly Kohl’s Gift – Kohl’s cardholders can enter their Shutterfly promo code and receive $20 off their first order, free shipping, and 50 free prints just for signing up
  • Shell Credit Card Account – Login to make a payment, check the account balance or update their account information

Open Confirm Comments

  • Super easy and free to use
  • Can be confirmed online or by phone
  • Designed for American Express Open card holders

One of the more popular credit cards from the American Express Open brand is The Business Gold Rewards Card… this card provides 25,000 Membership Rewards bonus points upon sign up (but the points are only released after $5,000 in purchases have been made on the Card within the first 3 months of Card Membership).  The card also features:

  • 3X points (customers pick one out of five categories)
  • 2X points on the 4 remaining categories and 1X points on other purchases
  • No foreign transaction fees which make it ideal for world travelers
  • Comes with a bothersome $175 annual fee (good news is the first year is free)

Any questions about the Open Confirm process or any American Express credit cards can be directed to 1-800-528-2122 (this number can also be used to request a card replacement).

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www.getmyollocard.com – Apply for Ollo Card Online with Reservation Number

Get My Ollo Card

  • The Get My Ollo Card Service lets people apply for the Ollo Mastercard Credit Card and receive an answer to their application in just one minute
  • Customers who are approved for an Ollo card and receive it in the mail are required to activate their Ollo card online before it can be used to make any purchases
  • In order to apply the applicant will need the reservation number and access code
  • GetMyOlloCard.com requires the mailing codes
  • Both the reservation number and access code can be found on the promotional Get My Ollo Card offer
  • Still one of the best credit cards for consumers with less than ideal credit!


To apply for an Ollo card, potential applicants just need to enter their reservation number and access code that are printed on their invitation letter. In most cases, applicants will get a response to their Ollo card application in as little as 60 seconds. Customers who have not received an invitation in the mail can not apply for an Ollo card. At the present time, Ollo cards are open to application only to people who have been invited. Accounts are subject to the applicant’s credit profile, and not everyone that applies for a credit card with Ollo will be approved. Ollo card customer service is completely based in the United States, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Ollo Rewards card gives customers 2% cash back on all purchases made at gas stations and grocery stores, and 1% cash back on all other purchases with just a $39 fee each year. By visiting the Ollo card online service, cardholders can view their current card balance, see the most recent transactions that have been posted to their account, update their contact information, and other important card features.

What different Ollo cards are available?

Two different credit cards are available: The Ollo Platinum Card and the Ollo Rewards Card. Each card has their own benefits, and the Ollo online service gives customers a change to view the two cards side by side and decide which card is best for their financial needs.

To contact a representative about the Ollo Credit Card

  • 23750 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA

Primary References

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www.americanexpress.com/applicationstatus – AMEX card status

American Express Application Status

  • American Express now allows customers to check their card application status online using an exclusive online portal.
  • In addition to checking application status, customers can also use the portal to see if their balance transfer has been approved.
  • Those who already have an AMEX card can check out www.americanexpress.com/confirmcard to activate
  • Customers should be aware that they can’t use the Card Application Status tool to check the status of credit line increase requests.

AmEx makes it easier than ever to check the status of your new card application. With American Express, you no longer have to wait hours, days, or even weeks to receive a status update. You can visit AmEx’s online application status portal to view your application status in real time, any time!

Important Information

  • Applicants need their social security number and zip code to successfully check their card status.
  • If your application included a balance transfer request, the Card Application Status tool will also display the status of your balance transfer.
  • AmEx’s Card Application Status page is completely secure. All of the information you provide is encrypted, ensuring utmost security.

Checking your application status is completely free. Remember that the application process may take days or even weeks, and that simply applying for a card doesn’t guarantee approval. While the page displays your current step in the approval process, it doesn’t mean that your application will proceed any faster through the system.

How to Check Your AmEx Card Application Status

  • After ensuring you have your social security number and zip code on hand, visit americanexpress.com/applicationstatus.
  • When you enter your information, make sure you don’t put any dashes between the digits. If you do, you’ll get an error message.
  • Click “Check Application Status”, and your information will automatically display.

American Express’s Card Application Status tool allows you to keep track of the application process in real time. Unlike other credit companies, AmEx puts that control directly into your hands, allowing you to take charge of your American Express card from the start.


www.americanexpress.com/selectandpay – Card Extended Payment Option

American Express Select and Pay

  • Sign up for the popular Select and pay program from AMEX
  • AmericanExpress.com/SelectandPay is managed by the American Express Company
  • The program requires the AMEX customer to login using their user ID and password

The American Express Select and Pay program which essentially allows a card holder to make purchases using AMEX reward points.  For example the user can use Membership Rewards points to make a payment towards a flight to Hawaii, hotel booked and paid in advance (prepaid hotel), vacation package to Mexico or cruise booking.  This program is ideal for those who are going to use the points to make purchases anyways (those who use AMEX reward points to pay down their credit card bill should probably stick with that strategy).

www.AmericanExpress.com/SelectandPay Notes

  • Users must use at least 5,000 points to take advantage of Pay With Point program
  • If the user does not have enough points to pay for the purchase they must come up with another way to pay for the remaining purchase

Roger that – but exactly how does this Select and Pay program works?

  1. Book your plane tickets, hotel rooms, vacation package or cruise through the American Express Travel site.
  2. When asked for your payment information, select the option Pay With Points, and then choose how many points you want to redeem.
  3. The amount of your purchase will be charged to your Card account. Points will be automatically deducted from your Membership Rewards® balance.
  4. A credit for a corresponding dollar amount will be applied to your Card account

Any questions in regards to the lucrative American Express Select and Pay program can be directed to the toll free number found on the back of the AMEX credit card or simply dial an AMEX customer service agent at toll free 1-800-954-0559 between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.


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www.tdcardservices.com – Login TD Card Services Account

TD Card Services

  • Access a TD Card account online with a username and password
  • New TD Card fan boys will have to go through a short enrollment process before gaining account access
  • Once the customer can access their TD Card account they can check recent statements and purchases, view a current balance, set up account alerts (i.e. payment due date or when a payment is made), make a payment, and update personal information associated with the card such as address or phone number


TDCardServices.com is operated by The Toronto-Dominion Bank.  The service is associated with the standard, run of the mill TD credit card, TD First Class Visa Signature Card, and the TD Ameritrade Card.  Those who need to enroll will have to provide their account number, Social Security Number (9 digits, no dashes, no spaces), name on the card (exact name please), date of birth, zip code (5 numeric zip code or 6 alphanumeric postal code, no spaces), and the security code (this is the 3 digit number on the back of card).  Cardholders who do not have a SSN should call the toll free number found on the back of their card to speak with a TD Bank customer service agent.

TD Credit Cards and Who Should Apply

  1. TD Cash Card: best for those who like to earn cash on everyday purchases (comes with a $200 bonus)
  2. TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card: Ideal for travelers who enjoy eating out (members get a whooping 3X miles on travel and dining purchases)
  3. TD Ameritrade Client Rewards Card: For TD clients only
  4. TD Aeroplan Visa Signature Credit Card: Best for those who strictly fly with Air Canada (2X Aeroplan miles on Air Canada net purchases)
  5. TD Business Solutions Credit Card: Best for those who are making business purchases with the card (comes with a $300 bonus)

www.TDCardServices.com Contact Information

  • TD Credit Card: 1-888-561-8861
  • TD First Class Visa Signature: 1-877-468-3178
  • TD Ameritrade Credit Card: 1-855-489-5680


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