www.opploans.com/myoffer – Enter Personal Loan Code to Apply

Opp Loans Application

  • Enter the personal offer code in order to apply for a loan
  • OppLoans.com/MyOffer is managed by Opportunity Financial, LLC
  • The personalized offer code can be found on the promotion loan letter that was received via US mail

In order to apply for a personal loan from Opportunity Financial, LLC the applicants must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the US.  The applicant must also have a source of income and agree to a possible credit check if required.  When entering the personal loan code please enter the code exactly as it appears on the Opp Loans promotional letter.

If the applicant does not have the Opp Loans promotional code they can still apply but the odds of them being approved will not be as great as they have not been prescreened.  Those that do not have an offer code will have to provide their name (first and last), email address, and then create a memorable password.

www.OppLoans.com/MyOffer Notes

  • Please note applicants living in the state of New York must use high-interest loans services for short-term financial needs only and not as a long-term financial solution
  • Applying for a loan with the Opp Loans promotional code will not affect a FICO score
  • The loan can be used for just about anything the applicant desires to include a dream vacation, paying of high interest debt, or buying that dream Ford Mustang (in yellow)
  • Opportunity Financial, LLC is licensed by the Delaware State Bank Commissioner
  • The applicant will need to provide a checking account number in which the loan can be deposited into

Any questions in regards to a personal loan from Opportunity Financial, LLC can be directed to a customer service agent at 800-990-9130.

If the application is processed before 7:30 ET Monday to Friday the funds will usually arrive the next day.


  1. www.opploans.com/myoffer

www.integratecapital.com – Loan for Equipment Financing or Working Capital

Integrate Capital

  • The Integrate Capital Service is set up for businesses to get the capital they need to operate their business, or people who have a new business idea to get off the ground
  • Loans are not guaranteed
  • Loans cannot be used to pay off debt
  • Starting the process of getting a loan from Integrate is easy, and just finding out more information won’t affect a person’s credit profile

If people need new equipment for their business and they need a loan, there are plenty of times they just don’t have time to wait. That’s where Integrate comes in – just fill out the application and a representative from Integrate Capital will be in touch. Integrate Capital is not a credit card, but is a business loan. When people fill out their application, they’re just applying for a loan to run their business or to begin a new business, so if people don’t want to sign up for a new credit card, there’s no issue here. Funds from Integrate Capital can only be used for business reasons, so there’s no danger of running up a huge line of credit. The actual Integrate card that someone receives in the mail can’t be used to make any purchases, so it doesn’t need to be saved (for people interested in a loan). Please note once people submit an application to Capital, they should expect to hear back from a representative within 1 to 2 business days (to make sure people get the money they need as fast as they can).

What happens to people with a Integrate pre-approval card?

People who have received a pre-approval card from Integrate Capital can log on to get their application started by entering the 16 digit number that appears on their card. Once that’s entered, Integrate will ask a few personal financial questions that will help move the application process along.

To contact Integrate Capital

  • Call 866-306-2785

Primary references

  1. www.integratecapital.com

www.lendup.com/preapproved – Lend Up 15-minute transfer where available

Lend Up Preapproved

  • People who have been pre approved for a loan from LendUp can log on to complete their application online and get an instant decision
  • Good credit isn’t required to get a loan from LendUp, in fact, a LendUp loan is designed for people with credit that may not let them get a loan anywhere else
  • For a payment that is returned by a borrower’s bank, LendUp does charge a one time additional fee for non sufficient funds
  • LendUp does not allow an existing loan to be renewed

The Lendup application process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete, and potential borrower will know the result of their application right away (with no waiting around for days to hear back like when applying for a loan from a big bank). To get started with a LendUp loan application, customers will need to enter their preapproval code (a 12 digit number) that was printed on the mailing they received. Customers without a LendUp preapproval code can still apply for a loan, they’ll just need to click on the special link. Per the loan rules, customers who get a loan from LendUp and fail to make payment on that loan may receive collection notices about their debt. LendUp may sell the customer’s information to a third-party debt collection agency or another company that specializes in collecting past due consumer debt.

What does preapproval for a LendUp loan mean?

When customers get a loan preapproval notice from LendUp, it means their credit meets certain conditions at that time. A preapproval notice doesn’t absolutely guarantee that someone will receive final approval for a loan. When a customer actually applies for a loan from LendUp, their credit at that time is taken into account.

To contact LendUp about a loan application

  • 237 Kearny St, #372, San Francisco, CA 94108

Primary References

  1. www.lendup.com/preapproved

www.account.gatewayonelending.com – Register or Access Gateway One Lending Account

Account Gateway One Lending

  • Account holders with Gateway One Lending can logon to their account and check their current loan balance or make a payment to a Gateway One loan
  • Gateway One loans are simple interest loan, which means that interest only payments are not available (customers cannot pay interest that they have not already accrued)
  • Payments to a Gateway One loan account cannot be made with a credit card or with a savings account, but customers can use MoneyGram to make a loan payment with a credit card or use wire transfer by using the receiving code 7356.0

Any web or phone payment made to a Gateway One loan account will post to the customer’s account on the set debit date at midnight that night, but payments made with a checking account may take 24 to 48 business hours for the funds to be withdrawn from the checking account. Accouny Gateway One Lending can not sign up for automatic bi-weekly Gateway One loan payments,  but they can make as many payments as they want online. A TCF bank branch will accept a Gateway One loan payment in the form of a check or money order. But the branch will then mail the loan payment to Gateway One for processing, which will add a few days to the payment.

How to make a payment to a Gateway One loan

To make a Gateway One loan payment online, customers will need to have their account number, which is available on all statements received. Customers can also mail in a Gateway One loan payment by sending a check to: Gateway One Lending & Finance P.O. Box 650004, Dallas, TX 75265-0004. Instead of mailing in a loan payment or logging in to make one each month, customers can sign up for automatic monthly Gateway One loan payments by faxing a form to 714-844-4536.

To contact Gateway One Lending:

  • Gateway One Lending & Finance, Attention: Payoff Department, 160 N. Riverview Drive Suite 100, Anaheim, CA 92808
  • Call (888) 810-8740

Primary References

  1. www.account.gatewayonelending.com

www.americanwebloan.com/application – Apply Now For Installment Loan Online

American Web Loan Application

  • Apply for a competitive rate loan online in just a matter of minutes
  • Applicants will be required to fill out a super short form which will help financial institutions to evaluate the applicants credit worthiness
  • These type loans are designed for consumers with less than perfect credit

The American Web Loan Application will take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete and they will never share the borrowers information with marketing companies.  When applying for a loan with American Web the applicant will be asked to provide a bank account number (in good standing) along with the bank name, routing number, and account type (i.e. checking or savings) in case they are approved for the loan.

American Web Loan Application Comments

  • These are NOT considered pay-day loans
  • Borrowers are still encouraged to pay the loan back as quick as possible
  • Loans can be obtained with bad credit or no credit at all
  • Loans processed before 12 pm CT will likely have the payment made the same day
  • Loans processed after 12 pm CT will not see the money until the next business day (the early bird gets the worm)
  • Any documents that need to be faxed to American Web Loan in regards to an application should be sent to 877-860-7171
  • Exact availability of any loan will be subject to the borrowers bank’s processing schedules, policies, and recognized bank holidays (i.e. Christmas, New Years Day)
  • Customers who pay their loan off earlier may receive a prorated or reduced interest rate

Any questions about the American Web Loan Application can be directed to 877-860-7171.  Please note a $10 wire transfer fee will be charged for loans of $700 or more (returning customers will not be charged this fee).  American Web Loan operates Monday thru Friday from 7 am to 8 pm CT and Saturday from 7 am to 4 pm CT (CLOSED for business on Sundays).

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  2. www.americanwebloan.com/application